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These are dangerous times that we are living in, why not be prepared. Learn in a fast and efficient manner how to defend yourself against the 10 most common street attacks and much more.

Gain Self Confidence

A lack of confidence can hamper your journey in life. This can make you susceptible to bullying, unable to achieve success in work or business, negatively affecting your social life and more. By building your confidence in self-protection, East End Urban Krav Maga also builds your self esteem in whatever you may face in life.

Develop Self Discipline

The most important tenet in any sport is discipline. However East End Urban Krav Maga is not a sport, it is literally a lifestyle. A lifestyle of street awareness, pro-active reflexes, improved physical health, defensive wisdom and self respect. All of these traits and skills are rooted in self discipline, which you achieve and refine in our classes.

Know How to Defend Yourself

When attacked you cannot just wait for your attacker to hurt you before reacting. East End Urban Krav Maga will teach you to think like a fighter, react like an elite soldier and survive like a warrior. You will gain skills to defend yourself smartly and swiftly. Panic can turn you into a statistic, precisioned protection turns you into a survivor.

 What is East End Urban Krav Maga?

What is East End Urban Krav Maga?

Urban Krav Maga is a military self-defence system which is combined with mixed martial arts and adapted for the streets.

Much of our training covers knife threats and the 10 most common Street attacks. As well as armed/unarmed combat techniques, grappling and stand up fighting. Unlike other fighting methods, the aim is on moves that can be instigated regardless of size or strength, and is therefore easy to learn and practical for men and women.

Block Lesson Rates

If you prefer not to opt for a block lesson booking, our pay-as-you-go rate is £12 p/h. Private and women-only lessons also available.

Trial us out with a free lesson.